Former Bachelor Contestants Take Advantage of a Local Photographer

A photo of Kirpa and Sydney from the same album

Last month David Harvey, Blugraphy’s lead photographer, reached out to two of former contestant on the TV show “The Bachelor” to check if they would be interested in doing a collaboration shoot in Hollywood California. He messaged Kirpa Sudick on Instagram and she mentioned Sydney Lotuaco would be interested in tagging along as well. @kirpasudick and @Sydneylotuaco agreed to such collaboration and the shoot was scheduled to be on the 29th of September 2019.

“Everything went fine until yesterday. They signed the model release, posted some of the photos and we did not have any problems” said David. “Then I was scrolling on my stories and I found one of my pictures being reposted by I tapped the photo to go to the actual post to find my picture posted on @sydneylotuaco’s account with a paragraph about how she downloaded match’s app after “trying to manifest, a boyfriend, a date, or even just a text back, but from my couch. I’ve tried real life, TV dating, and everything short of witchcraft, but am still as single as ever,” No mentions for me whatsoever. And there it is, the infamous #ad and the “Paid Partnership with match” under her name.

David then reach out to Sydney and Kirpa on Instagram to clear this up and inform them of the illegal usage of the photo. And all he got was “It’s not letting us tag you in the photo because it’s already up but happy to tag you in the caption.” David then reached out to to try and collect fees for the usage of the photos with no response. Match forwarded the email to the agency which Match hired to get in touch with the Influencers.

3 hours after the incident, Kirpa posts a similar “paid partnership” posts. This time Match is tagged in the photo and again, no mention of our photographer.

The Blugraphy team reached out to Instagram’s intellectual property department and got all the posts taken down after 7-9 hours of the posts being up. We also got in touch with Viral Nation to clear this up giving them the option to pay for the damages and we are waiting for a reply at the time of posting this post. We will continue pushing updates in this post as it develops.

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Sydney Lotuaco was a contestant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor and was recently on Bachelor in Paradise. Sydney has danced since she was three years old and is currently a professional dancer for an NBA team. She’s had great success in her career, but hasn’t been as lucky in love. She’s never had a boyfriend!

Kirpa Sudick was a contestant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor. This beautiful and spunky California girl works for her dad’s dentistry business as a dental hygienist. She loves hiking, reading, cooking and swimming. Her one deal breaker? Colton better floss.

Screenshots of the incident

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