REAL candid non-posed content creation detail documenting every moment with high precision FOCUS eliminate the noise and focus on what staunchly matters
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Unlimited Photos

We don’t limit the photos we deliver. If we take 200 good photos during  your session, we will hand them over.

No Limits

We don’t have limits on the people who are going to be in the photo. We also don’t have limits on outfits. Bring your entire wardrobe and all your friends if you want. We won’t charge you extra.

Online Delivery

We offer 2 day online delivery on the photos we take. This allows for less contact, more productivity, and a faster workflow.

Environmentally Conscious

From digital contracts, digital signatures, digital payment system to digital delivery, our system was all digitized since day 1. We care for our planet.

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Pick your time slot.

Request a time slot for your photoshoot and tell us about it.


Wait for our email.

Wait for an email confirming the time slot you chose, then pay for the selected time slot.


Your day.

We want your shoot to be flawless. We will tell you exactly how we make sure this happens.



A full online gallery with free expedited delivery in 2 business days.


Regular SMS and iMessage supported!

About Blugraphy
Blugraphy is a media creation and photography company based in Huntington Beach (Orange County), California. It was established in 2014 as an intensive project to create content for social media. Blugraphy is founded upon one simple principle, make our clients look good. As a result, our objective is to show our associates in their most positive light and portray their unique, original qualities. We yearn to create artistic pieces that help grow our clients regardless of their expertise. Whether it be social media, large business, or even family pictures — our work speaks loudly. Our team of professionals would help you achieve exactly what you envision.
Our artistic designs encompass a gamut of services, ranging from; photography, videography, event promotion, media direction, web design, posters, logos & slogans, marketing campaigns large and small and any other ideas you send our way.

Why Blugraphy?

Blugraphy hand-picks our photographers to maintain a high standard. While our clients enjoy a variety of professions, our photographers are focused on cultivating experiences while documenting your story. We’ll ensure that the service we provide maintains the highest quality, leaving you to enjoy yourself in the moment. This is what separates us from our competitors.

We’re humans before photographers

Here at Blugraphy we truly value human interaction. We promise that you will never be sent to a bot to handle your call or your email. We cherish the small moments and like to share them with our clients.

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