Best Places to Take Pictures in Orange County

We often hear people struggle to choose a location for their photoshoots in Orange county, so we decided to put a list of some places you can take pictures at. Here are 10 places which will give your images a great look and a unique background.

1 – Pacific City – Huntington Beach, CA

This is an outdoor mall. We love this place because it has a rustic vibe. From the wooden floors to the palm trees, this place definitely has a certain look which is hard to find sometimes.

2 – Down Town – Santa Ana, CA

If you are looking for some place with a city look and you do not want to drive to LA, this is your friend.

3 – ARTIC Station – Anaheim, CA

4 – Orange Circle – Orange, CA

5 – The Wetlands – Huntington Beach, CA

6 – The Anti Mall – Costa Mesa, CA

7 – Seaside – Newport Beach, CA

7 – Seaside – Newport Beach, CA

8 – Golden West CollegeĀ  – Huntington Beach, CA

9 – Down Town – Long Beach, CA

10 – Suicide Hill – Irvine, CA


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