Insta Script

Automate your instagram

With around 800 million users on Instagram, it became overwhelming managing accounts. According to the latest statistic, Instagram has 35 billion posts and these posts are increasing as you read this. That’s why we created InstaScript. This allows you to fully automate your activity on Instagram, generating thousands more of impressions and increasing your exposure dramatically in a very organic way. No buying likes. No buying followers. Nothing artificial that would hurt your account rather than pushing you to the top.

Let’s face it. It’s 2018. Your clients don’t use hashtags anymore, so why should we target hashtags? Instead we build a sophisticated audience from the people in your circle that are most likely going to be interested in what your account offers.

Here are some of the things we use to build your market analysis:

  • Your location.
  • Your followers.
  • Your followings.
  • Followers of your followers.
  • Followers of your competition.
  • Etc

How does it work?

InstaScript provides a fun easy way to automate your activity on instagram. It goes around liking people’s content. Commenting for you, following and unfollowing people, based on a complete sophisticated market analysis that is completely tailored to your account. And since we wrote it, it’s very customizable and really easy to navigate. Partners see results starting from day 1! InsaScript opens new realms to your content and gives you the push start that your content deserves while you focus on crafting yout content rather than managing social media.

I wanna see results

Starting April 4th 2018, Instagram limited our ability to grab statistics from the accounts we’re running instaScript on. However, here’s a really good example of one of the accounts that’s been running instaScript for more than 8 months straight.


@Dave_xt (Photography account)

David’s account generates over 60,000 impressions every week! gaining around 200+ followers weekly. Here’s the data we collected on weekly basis since we started running instaScript on David’s account.