I bought the Groupon. Where do I go from there?

Step 1

Get in touch with us. Groupon would not allow us to have access to your information.

You can contact us through the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that the Groupon you bought only provides a limited number of photos depends on the Groupon you bought.

I want all the photos we take that day.

Step 2

Read the pre-shoot page to familiarize yourself on how we work and help us provide you the best service we can.

Step 3

A Blugraphy agent will schedule your shoot and you will get a confirmation email with the date of your shoot.

Groupon F.A.Q.

I want to see a sample album


How many outfits do I get to shoot in?

You can shoot in as many outfits as you want! It’s your time, and you can use it however you want. If you would like a portable changing tent please let us know before the shoot and we will bring one.

Can I print these photos?

The photos delivered are perfect for social media (1500 px on the long edge @ 72 dpi). Printing wise they’re not the best. If you would like to print them, you can upgrade and get printing quality. Print quality pictures are very heavy and they’re not internet friendly at all, but they look amazing printed. Our equipment is capable of producing images that would cover an entire building in Los Angeles without looking pixilated!

How am I getting my photos?

Getting your photos back should not be a hassle, so we use a very simple system. After the shoot you will get a link with the photos. You favorite the ones you like. The system unlocks them for you. If you would like to buy more or upgrade after, that’s an option too. Please note that the pictures get deleted from our servers so we make room for other shoots. However, we backup all the photos we take but for us to get them from our backup after they are deleted, that may cost you more.

Can I get my photos before 3 weeks?

If you upgrade before the shoot, your photos will take only 2 days to be edited and delivered to you! We will give your photos priority among the other shoots we have in the oven.

Upgrade and get all the photos we take!

  • You can upgrade your package to get all photos before your shoot for $400 or you can upgrade after the shoot for $450.
  • You will get access to an online gallery with all the photos we took.
  • All photos are water-mark free.
  • High resolution available upon request at no additional charge.
  • If you upgrade before the shoot you will get your photos back in 2 days after the shoot.
  • You can give us a Yelp! review for 20% off your next transaction with Blugraphy.

Service Area

20 miles radius from Huntington Beach, CA. Further locations are subject to additional charge.