Pre Shoot

Ever wondered what to do before you head to the next photoshoot?

Here are some tips and tricks that would help you before your photo session.

  • Outfits

    Make sure you grab enough outfits for your shoot and send quick snaps of the outfits at You don’t have to try them on, you can throw them on a bed or on the ground and take pictures of them. If you’re bringing more than one outfit, make sure you bring a towel to change under in case there are no restrooms in the vicinity.

    If you’re looking for outfit ideas, feel free to check out our Pinterest here

  • Skin moisturizing

    Make sure you apply lotion to your skin to make you shine. Also make sure to drink enough water. Hydration is essential for a better skin.

  • Eyes

    Rested eyes are important for good photos. Make sure you are well rested and running on enough hours of sleep.

  • Hair

    You know your hair best. If you think it’s going to get crazy, you should probably bring a brush, and hairspray unless you’re going for that look. We won’t judge.

  • Check the traffic

    Traffic can cause delays and inconvenience for all parties involved in the shoot. Make sure to check the traffic and familiarize yourself with the location.

  • References

    If you’re aiming for a certain style, make sure to send us some reference photos at and specify your shoot date along with the name we have on file! If you need some inspiration or posing ideas, check out references we collected from all over the internet on our Pinterest right here 

  • A friend

    If you feel more comfortable having a friend around, feel free to bring one. Your friend can help carry your belongings, hold your changing towel, and provide words of affirmation during the shoot. PS: They work great!

  • Remember

    We’re working together as a team to get amazing photographs.